Visits and Billing

Connecticut Coastal OB/Gyn is affiliated with Yale Medicine for insurance verification and billing. We remain an independent group with the same locations, hours and physician coverage. Patient scheduling will continue to be handled by our own staff.

Yale Medicine will assume responsibility for insurance verification and will be contacting you prior to your next scheduled appointment to ask for your current insurance information. if you miss their first attempt to reach you, they will try again; please return the call to Yale Medicine at your convenience. This will eliminate the need for you to transfer your current insurance information when you arrive in our office.

Please bring your current insurance card, a photo ID and your co-pay at every visit and if you were not able to communicate with Yale Medicine, then let us know if there are any changes. We need to have your current address, all telephone numbers and emergency contact information.

Our billing staff is still available for assistance. If you have a billing issue that you are having difficulty solving with Yale Medicine, our billing staff is available during office hours at 203-250-2125 and would be most happy to help you.

You can see a current listing of participating insurance carriers by clicking this link:

PLEASE NOTE: There may be limits on participation with some carriers.

If you have any questions, contact our billing staff and we will get back to you as soon as possible.